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BDRConex Geo Thermal
BDR ConEx offers a complete Geo Thermal project management solution to the commercial builder or contractor.


We are equipped to perform the horizontal trenching, loop installation, grouting of bore-holes, excavation for the headers, supply and return lines and butt, socket and saddle fusion for the piping.

Conduct pressure test to 120 PSI as well as using a leak detector solution to ensure system is leak free.

Back filling and compaction of trenched areas with 2’ of sand on top of the headers and the rest filled in with native soil.

Vault installation, purging, and testing of the system.

Please note: if we hit bedrock before desired trench depth, a breaker is needed and additional charges will apply.

Accredited by the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition for the following:
Canadian Coalition linkAccredited Installer, Accredited Designer, Accredited Firm
Butt, Socket and Saddle Fusion Certificates
Licensed HVAC Mechanics.

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