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Home Services, Landscaping, Interior Rennovations!
Kitchen remodelling and cabinet installation

Home Rennovation & Repair Services.
Install a deck, new cupboards or renovate your bathroom. Improve and expand your living space. More

Construction, Excavating & Trenching!
Able to get into tight corners nd small spaces

Equipment That Suits Your Project Needs!
We have a wide variety of equipment including skid-steer loaders, excavators and backhoes, packers, tillers and rollers.
We work hard to satisfy your needs from large commercial/industrial sites to small backyard projects.

Geo Thermal Installations for Residence and Industry

Drilling, Trenching, Installation, Pessure Testing and Customer Training.
BDR ConEx offers a complete project management solution to the commercial builder or contractor
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Accredited by the Canadian Geoexchange Coalition for the following:
Canadian Coalition linkAccredited Installer, Accredited Designer, Accredited Firm
Butt, Socket and Saddle Fusion Certificates
Licensed HVAC Mechanics.